This has forced her to prolong her stay in South Africa as she is unable to travel to Tanzania
Weeks after famous Kenyan musician Akothee lost her twin pregnancy, another artiste’s wife is having trouble with her pregnancy.
Diamond Platinumz’s wife Zari Hassan . Diamond Platinumz’s wife Zari Hassan is said to be having difficulties with her pregnancy so much that she is unable to travel back home.

Diamond Platinumz with one of his cars
Sources revealed to Tanzania’s Global publishers that Zari who is carrying a six-month pregnancy is under duress.
This has made her unable to go back to Tanzania from South Africa.

Diamond Platinumz’s wife Zari Hassan and a friend
“It’s true the pregnancy is giving Zari problems such that every time she plans to travel back to Bongo(Tanzania) she has to postpone the journey. I don’t know whether its because she is carrying a boy? What’s important is to pray for her so that she delivers safely on her due date so that our brother’s (Diamond) happiness can be complete,” said a sister-in-law to Zari.

Diamond n Zari.
Zari who is carrying her fifth child is due in December 2016 with the birth of the baby boy expected to excite the Bongo music giant.She already has one child with Diamond, a daughter named Latifah Dangote who is one-year-old.
Her pregnancy was seen to be too soon with some criticising her for taking too short a break from her previous birth.


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